The Basics Of Taking Care Of Your Tires When You Go Off-Roading

If you want to turn your vehicle into an off-roading machine, you need to upgrade the tires on your vehicle, and know what type of materials you need to take with you to take care of your tires when you go off-roading.

Upgrade to Off-Road Tires

If you want to go off-roading, you should not go off-roading on the tires on that are on your vehicle right now, such as your ESR wheels. The tires that are on your vehicle are designed for using on the road. They are designed for your commute and for everyday driving; they are not made for going off-roading.

You need to put on some all-terrain or extreme terrain tires. These tires are made from thicker plastic that will not pop or get damaged when you decide to run over that rock or go over that pile of sticks.

Off-roading tires are also designed to give you more traction. They often have traction built into the sidewall of the tire as well as the regular area where you would expect to find traction on your tire. This will help you when you are driving through thick mud or taking your vehicle up a sand dune. The traction on the side of the tire will give you grip when you are in a tough place.

Go for Stronger Rims

Next, when you go off-roading, you want to go with stronger rims as well. There are special rims that are designed to give you side traction, just like off-roading wheels. These special rims will help give you a little traction boast when you are getting vertical with the dirt.

When you upgrade to off-road tires, you may also upgrade to larger tires, which means you will need new rims as well. When you chose your rims, choose ones that are strong and made to get dirty.

Check Your Tire Pressure

Finally, you need to bring the tools with you to check your tire pressure when you are off-roading. You also need to bring a small air can with you so you can add or remove air from your tires. Adding and removing air from your tires can help you if you get stuck. You can get different levels of traction based on the air that you have inside of your tires. Having the tools to make those adjustments when you are out in the field can make a big difference.

If you want to go off-roading in your vehicle, you need to make sure your tires can support that activity. Upgrade to off-road tires and install stronger rims that can help provide grip to your vehicle. Check your tire pressure and bring tools with you that will allow you to add and remove air when you are off-roading, as this can improve your grip in tricky situations.