Things Your Will Need To Recover Your 4X4 Offroad

If you own a four-wheel-drive vehicle and spend any time using it for off-road travel, you will eventually find yourself in a position that you need to recover the vehicle from mud, snow, or an obstacle. Being prepared for 4x4 recovery means having some equipment with you to help get the vehicle out and moving again. 

Basic Equipment

If you are planning a trip off-road, taking a few things with you, even if you are only going for a couple of hours, it critical. Every vehicle traveling off-road should have a recovery strap and some closed shackles that allow you to anchor the strap to your vehicle and a vehicle towing you out of the mud or snow. 

If you are not traveling with others, you will also need a way to pull your rig. Sometimes a hand winch or come-along will work and can be carried with you pretty easily. You should also have some leather palmed gloves in your vehicle to protect your hands from cuts and scrapes while you are hooking up. 

While not required, it is also a good idea to carry a short tree strap that you can use to wrap around a tree and then anchor your hand winch too. The strap will protect the bark on the tree and leave it healthy once you are out of the sticky situation. Add a flashlight, a set of basic hand tools for making repairs, a good spare tire, and some water for drinking in case you get stranded, and you have a useful starter recovery kit. 

Advanced Equipment

For serious offroaders, there are some advanced recovery tools you might want to have for 4x4 recovery when you head out onto the trail. The first thing on the list is a farm jack. There are several brands that are commonly used in the off-road community, but make sure the jack is strong and has enough lift to raise your vehicle high enough to change a tire or lift the rig out of a hole if needed.

An electric or hydraulic winch is next on the list of items that will help you get yourself out of a jam. The electric winch will run without the engine on your rig running, but the hydraulic winch has a much higher pull rating in most cases, so choosing one is really up to your preference and the kind of off-roading your do.  

Make sure the winch is rated to pull your vehicle by buying a winch rated to pull two times the weight of your vehicle. If you are not sure what to buy, your local off-road shop can help you get set up for 4x4 recovery and make sure you have a winch that will handle the job. Add a winch accessory kit, and you are ready to self recover your off-road vehicle from some hairy situations. 

For more information, reach out to an off-road recovery service.