Adding Truck Lighting For Aesthetics And Function On Your Semi Truck

Custom truck lighting installation on semi trucks serves several purposes. Sometimes it is a way to add lights necessary to make working at night easier, while other times, custom lights make the truck stand out and are simply something the driver wants to make their semi look different from other rigs on the road. 

Buying Lights

When adding custom heavy truck lighting to your semi truck or other commercial rigs, you need to decide what to use and where to install them. Square, round, oval, and other shape lights are available, and you can find them with chrome or painted housing to meet your needs. 

Large truck stops often carry a wide variety of lights, or you can get them through a parts dealer, online shop, or automotive accessories store. The key is to find the type of lights you want that are available as regular stock so you can buy more later if you need to replace one or want to continue adding to the truck a little at a time. 

It is also crucial to ensure the lights you buy match the necessary power in the truck. A twelve-volt light is necessary for a twelve-volt system, for instance. If the lights do not match the electrical system voltage, you may find they don't light up or burn too bright and fail prematurely.

Work Lights 

Large commercial trucks have many dark spots around them that can make connecting trailers at night or working in poor weather conditions challenging. Adding custom truck lighting to these areas around the truck can help eliminate visibility issues and make things easier for the driver. 

There are a variety of work lights on the market, offering more than enough light to improve working conditions. The lights come in sizes ranging from small lights that you can tuck in tight spots to large lights that can be mounted high on the truck to light up the area around the vehicle. The custom truck lighting you choose to install often depends on your needs, and finding the right lights can have a significant impact on your situation. 

Professional Installation

When installing custom truck lighting, you may want to take your semi-truck to a shop and let a professional install the lights and run the wiring for you. Doing the work is not overly challenging, but it can be time-consuming. Getting the wiring right, making the installation look good, and ensuring all the lights work without blowing fuses or causing other issues requires some planning, and for many truck owners, the completed work is more important to them than the experience of putting the light on the truck.