3 Signs You Should Buy A Used Transmission

If your vehicle needs a transmission, you might automatically think that you will need to purchase a brand new one. However, this is not necessarily the case. It is possible to purchase a good used transmission or a rebuilt transmission. These are a few signs that this might be a good idea:

1. You're Short on Cash

The truth is that transmission repair can be very expensive, and the cost of the transmission itself can drive up the cost significantly. Buying a brand new transmission might be out of your reach financially or could put you in a major financial bind. If this is the case and if you're looking for a cheaper way of getting your car up and running again, it pays to look into used options, which you might be able to purchase for a fraction of the cost of a brand new transmission. Additionally, you may be able to save money by shopping around for different transmission repair shops; comparing the cost of labor between a few good shops in your area can help you find the lowest price.

2. Your Car is Older

With a newer car, you may not want to put in a used transmission, since it could affect the value of your vehicle. If you have an older car that might not be worth much anyway, however, putting in a used transmission can make a lot of sense since the car may have already depreciated and may not lose much or any value by using a used part.

3. You Can Buy One With a Warranty

Buying a used transmission without a warranty can be a risky move to make. Even though you might be able to get a good deal, you might also find yourself with a pricey used part that does not work or that fails not long after you put it in your car. A lot of people do not think that they can purchase a used transmission with a warranty, but this is not the case at all; many places that sell used transmissions offer limited warranties for your peace of mind. If you are able to find a used transmission with a warranty, you might find that it's worth it.

Even though it's not always a good idea to buy a used transmission, it can sometimes be a good idea. These are a few signs that you may at least want to look into this option when buying a transmission for your car. Contact a company like Mr Transmission for more information and assistance.