Accessorizing Your Truck To Improve The Look And Function

Everyday heavy trucks run over the highways and carry goods from place to place so that we all have the things we need or want. Many time you see a truck that has been dressed up with a lot of accessories and while some of that is because the driver is very proud of his truck and wants it to look good, the accessories can often serve a vital function as well as looking great.

Adding Lighting

There are some trucks on the road that have a lot of lights on them. They are often amber lights and may be on just about any part of the cab. While the lights look good, they do serve a function. While they are not bright enough to light up the road, these lights outline the truck and make it easier for a driver to see the truck coming at night. The extra visibility can make the difference between an accident or a driver seeing the oncoming truck or a truck parked on the side of a roadway.

Mudflaps and Guards

Many times large trucks have mud flaps or guards that are decorated with chrome accents, the truck manufacturer's logo, or the all too familiar chrome silhouette of a woman. These chrome accessories on the mud guard do not improve the way they work but it is a nice way to dress up the guard. The mud guards are there to stop rocks, mud, dirt, or other debris that might be on the road from getting kicked up by those big tires and hitting cars behind them. A rock caught between the dual tires on the back of a semi truck could come loose and be thrown With extreme force if the mud guard was not there to stop it.

Air Horns

Many truck owners add loud air horns to their trucks that can be heard for a long distance. The reason for the extra load horns is simply to get a drivers attention and avoid an accident. The horns use air from the trucks on board compressor to trumpet out their high decibel note and while to some they might seem overkill, to the truck driver that can not quickly stop that fully loaded big rig coming down the road, they are critical to telling a driver to get out of the way and help avoid accidents.

Front End Protection

Grill guards or bull bars on the front end of large trucks can look really nice but believe it or not, they serve a purpose. These large guards are there to keep things out of the radiator of the truck. Imagine a stick or large option hitting the front end and damaging the grill or radiator in the truck. The cost to replace them is extremely high and the time involved takes the driver off the road. If the truck is sitting, it is not making money. For many drivers, that is not an option they are willing to accept. The bull bar is a good way to reduce the risk of that.